Leveraging the Benefits of IT Consultants in Post-COVID Work Environments

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COVID-19 restrictions and the resulting economy impacted businesses in every state and virtually every vertical. Almost a year later, many technical organizations are still adapting to rapid shifts within their client portfolios and within their businesses themselves. The onset of the global pandemic forced organizations to shift and pivot their operations, often resulting in downsizing its full-time employees and stretching remaining workers across as many tasks as possible.

IT Consultant Staffing Helps Increase Support Without Increasing Expenses

While “making do” with a smaller staff may have made financial sense throughout most of 2020, many IT directors and executives realize that a downsized workforce does not offer a sustainable, long-term solution. As we all begin to navigate through the first quarter of 2021, technology leaders recognize that it’s time to redefine their current hiring practices to extend technical support capabilities in remote and onsite work environments. For technical managers and hiring executives looking to increase resources without overextending expenses, working with software recruiting firms for IT contractors and consultants offers an ideal solution.

Information Technology Recruiting Delivers Several Hiring Benefits

Working with an information technology recruiting firm offers companies in every vertical several distinct advantages. Leveraging IT contractors over a full-time employee model offers:

Cost Efficiency
Keeping expenses to a minimum is critical for companies right now. Staffing technical initiatives with IT contractors can provide significant cost savings compared to hiring full-time employees. Bringing on full-time workers requires covering fringe expenses and benefits beyond an employee’s salary. Working with an IT staffing agency means you’ll only pay for the hours the contractor works, and the recruiting firm will absorb all other peripheral costs and risks.

Top-Performing Technical Professionals
An innovative IT staffing agency has a well-established pool of elite technical talent that goes beyond the candidates who will apply to a company’s online job posts. Your IT recruiter will have access to actively searching candidates, passive job seekers, peer referrals, and applicants outside your geographic area to ensure you find the right technical professionals for your needs.

Staffing Flexibility
The current economic climate means that some companies are holding off from hiring full-time resources because they aren’t sure what the future holds. These technical professionals prefer to keep working with the staff they currently have rather than risk having to make cuts again if there’s another downward trend in the marketplace. Using IT contractors offers staffing flexibility that eliminates that pressure. Hiring managers can bring on expert IT consultants to fill performance gaps and still remain agile enough to meet changes in business requirements.

Reduced Cybersecurity Gaps
Many companies are still not back to being entirely onsite. Remote and hybrid remote/onsite work environments can introduce new cybersecurity threats and risks to at-home workers. IT contractors add an additional layer of security for remote workers, helping to bridge the gap between at-home employees’ capabilities and the organization's cybersecurity needs.

Canyon Staffing Develops Customized IT Staffing Solutions

Canyon Staffing partners with technology leaders and hiring managers to develop agile IT staffing solutions that reduce performance lapses, minimize risk, and align with strategic corporate vision. Contact our team of IT recruiters today to hear more.

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